Types of visualizations: Charts
Use Case
Area chart is used to visualize time series data along with the capability of splitting lines based on fields.
Sign-ups over time.
Horizontal Bar
A Horizontal Bar chart is used to visualize relationships between two fields.
Social media platform references and web page.
A line chart is used to visualize time series data and provides the option to split lines to highlight anomalies.
Memory usage over time by the server.
A pie chart visualizes values that, combine together to create a total figure.
Top 10 referral websites.
Heat Map
A heat map chart is used to visualize two fields that depict the magnitude of a phenomenon as multiple different color codes
Clicks on a web page.
Vertical Bar
Use the Vertical bar chart when you wish to compare one or more fields
Users on the page over time.
Gantt Chart
Gantt charts are used when you have to showcase the start, end, and duration of unique events in a sequence.
Anomaly detection