Scheduled Report

1. If you want to generate reports after every particular duration, you use the option under the reporting section to generate scheduled reports
You should first Create a Report Definition before accessing scheduled reports
2. Click on the "Create Report Definition"
3. Provide all the details for your scheduled report
3.1 Name, Description, and Type of report
3.2 Select a particular Dashboard for which you are going to generate reports
3.3 Provide the particular time range for which you want the report to be generated
4. Once you have filled in all the details move on to the next section of Report Trigger
5. You can opt for reports that are either generated On-Demand or Scheduled
5.1 "On-Demand" allows you to create only a one-time report. Once an on-demand report saved it is possible to access the report at any point in time
5.2 "Schedule" option will Generate reports based on your reporting requirements. You can either use the "Request Time" as "Recurring" or "Cron-Based"
6. Click on "Recurring"
6.1 Select the "Frequency" of the reports and the "Request Time" at which the report is to be generated
You can choose the Frequency to be Interval or Daily. For Interval specify the interval on which you want your reports to be generated.
7. You can mention the cron-expression too for the reports if you choose Cron-Based and under the Request Time from the options
8. Fill in all the details as per your reporting request and click on "Create"
You are now ready to have your scheduled reports