In this section you will learn on how to share a report of your dashboard from Kibana
1. Click on "Managed ELK"
2. Once you are on the Kibana interface, click on the menu bar on the top left corner of the second ribbon from top
3. Select the Dashboard for which you would like to generate your report. You can select your dashboard either using the recent views or from the Kibana dropdown "Dashboards"
Choose your Dashboard : Recently Viewed/Kibana Dropdown(Dashboard)
4. Once you land on the required dashboard. Click on "Reporting" from the top right corner panel on the second ribbon from the top as shown below
Choose the Reporting option
5. You can then choose your option for reporting:
5.1 Direct download report
5.2 Scheduling report
In the sub-section, you will learn to create a direct download and a scheduling report.