Getting Started on Kibana

Initial steps to get you started on Kibana!
1. Login on to PacketAI with your sign-in credentials
2. Once you arrive on the landing page move over to the left-hand side of the menu list and click on “Managed EKL” which is present on the vertical dashboard. A screenshot of the icon is shown below:
This step will take you to the Kibana interface
Managed ELK Icon on PacketAI Interface
3. Once you reach the Kibana Interface page please be sure to choose the correct tenant. To make the desired changes on the Kibana dashboard, a proper sequence needs to be followed to ensure that you are working on "admin_tenant".
4. The steps below-given must be followed while making any changes to the dashboard.
Steps 4.1– 4.2: Steps for making changes to the dashboards or visualizations
4.1 Click on the upper right corner of the top ribbon and then click on the top icon “Account Details”(Green icon) as shown below and then click on “Switch tenants”
User drop-down menu
4.2 Once you have selected, switch tenants. Click on “Choose from custom”, and choose “admin_tenant” and click on “Confirm”. A screenshot is attached below for your reference
Tenant Selection Pop-Up
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