Log Patterns

Log Patterns cluster your logs for faster inspection and analysis.
The Patterns tab displays a higher-level organization of your logs.
Instead of displaying a chronological list of millions of lines, Log Patterns features a dedicated AI that automatically groups your logs into a few clusters of similar log lines: a much faster way to check your logs!
  • How does it work? In a nutshell the AI works by extracting the skeleton of each log line, while abstracting the variable part: similar log lines that share the same skeleton will be assigned to the same cluster.
The Patterns tab provides a grid view of those clusters, ranked by decreasing volume count. Each line of the grid displays the Color, Count, Volume trend and Pattern Description of each Log Pattern.
The Color bar corresponds to the severity of the logs that are part of that pattern, while the Pattern Description is a description that is automatically computed by the AI, by replacing variable parts of the pattern by masking templates. For instance, detected URLs are replaced by the template URL, while numbers are replaced by NUM, etc.
Each line
  • The eye icon
    lets you view pattern log lines.
  • The pin icon
    lets you pin a pattern at the top of the display (click again to unpin).
  • The bell icon
    turns pattern monitoring ON (click again to unmonitor). See Log Pattern Alerting for more details on this feature.
A view of Log Patterns, representing logs as clusters of similar log lines.