The integrations page is used to start or stop monitoring integrations on a specific host that has the PacketAI agent installed:
Selected hosts integrations

Host filter

The host filter on the top left is used to show only the selected hosts integrations.

Status filter

The filter in the middle is used to filter the selected hosts integrations based on their status (all, enabled, disabled)
The search input used to filter the integrations based on any of their properties(type, id, docker container...) matching the input

Start(refresh) data collection

Used to start or update the data collection of the selected hosts integrations

Delete host

The delete host button removes the selected host and its integrations including all historical and machine learning data

Integration cards

MongoDB integration card
The left side of the integrations card shows the info of the integrations(name, id, type, container...).
The middle shows the logo of the integration and a docker icon if the integration is dockerized.
The right side of the integrations consists of multiple actionable buttons and the selector(checkbox):
  • Checkbox - used to select and deselect the integration for monitoring
  • Info(optional) - if an integration requires setup from the user clicking on the info button will open a modal with the required instructions:
  • Options(optional) - if an integration requires options to be send to the PacketAI agent in order to monitor the integration(username, password, log paths...) clicking the options button will expand the options form under the integration:
  • Errors(optional) - if an integration has any errors when the PacketAI agent tries to monitor it clicking the errors button will open a modal with the list of errors