Incident RCA

The incident root cause analysis page lets you explore the timeline and details of the anomalies that effected you components:
The topology graph on the left and the component anomalies list on the bottom left are connected to the timeline chard in the top right and show the state of the timestamp selected in the timeline chart.

Incident topology graph

The incident topology graph on the left shows the correlated topology of the components effected by the incident. It is connected the timeline chart on the right and colors the components that were effected by anomalies. All components effected by anomalies are marked red(thin red circle). The thick red circle marks the component(s) that were affected at the selected timestamp.

Incident timeline chart

The incident timeline chart on the top right shows the number of anomalies affecting your components through time. You can play(explain) the incident change through time, skip forward, go back or click on a timestamp to show the status of the affected components and their anomalies at that point in time.

Components anomalies list

The components in the components anomalies are separated into 2 lists:
  • Causal components - the components on which the incident was detected
  • Affected components - the components which were affected by the incident
Under each component there is a list of detected anomalies which changes based on the selected timestamp on the incident timeline chart. All anomalies detected up to the selected timestamp are shown. The anomalies detected at the selected point in time are red.
Clicking on any of the anomalies takes you to the components anomalies page at the time of the selected anomaly.