PacketAI is the world’s first autonomous monitoring solution that uses machine learning to automate root cause analysis by discovering anomalies in logs/metrics, helps reduce MTTR by up to 40% and predict incidents.
Few unique benefits of our solution:
  • Instant set up - 2 clicks to install our agent on your host with out of box integrations for most used technologies.
  • Never spend time to manually set up rules and thresholds - predict incidents by discovering hidden anomalies in logs & metrics. 

  • Automate Root Cause Analysis thanks to an AI which guides engineers to the causes of the issues. 

  • Your engineers can focus on high value-added tasks - like automating your CI/CD pipeline or focus on innovation and not waste their time doing manual troubleshooting.
  • Avoid costly system breakdowns, reduce downtime and proactively communicate with your clients managing brand reputation.
Last modified 2yr ago